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Design Improvements

Posted on March 5, 2014

We were requested by a large Gt Yarmouth business to copy a tube bending fixture by digital scanning and reproduce it as new.

We completed the digital scanning, but whilst doing this, we found many ideas which would actually improve the product, this included the materials which were originally employed, along with various limits and fits of the assembly. The client discussions didn’t end there because as we critically analysed the various features of the tool with the users, further improvements were realised from the operating perspective also.

The final design embraced a new concept, which offered good improvements in use and durability, along with fully supported and easily repeatable CNC machining processes. We implemented materials into the design, which we currently use and have expert knowledge of, such as the composites which we use for patterns. By using a hard grade for the tube formers we could produce very accurate multi tube formers for a fraction of the price in aluminium.

Click on a gallery image below for a description of the process: